Digital Signature Pad

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Memberships, Release Forms, and Waivers, Oh My!

Do you have a room somewhere full of boxes of Membership Sales Forms, EFT Authorizations, Client Waivers, Consent Forms, and all the other required paperwork? Are you constantly mailing or faxing documents from the salons to the corporate office? Do you struggle to find documents when you need them? How much time do you spend per month searching through boxes? Are the handwritten sections legible?

There’s a better way!

Electronic documents built into most modern tanning salons POS systems allow customers to electronically sign all of these documents. They are stored on a server and all documents can be accessed quickly and easily by pulling up the customer and clicking the documents tab.

You can retrieve copies of documents in seconds instead of hours! Digital documents save real estate costs, reduce the opportunity of theft, are less likely to be destroyed in a disaster, and make document management and retrieval a whole lot easier!