Argo helps tanning salons utilize technology to increase profitability. Our renowned Salon360 and IT services streamline operations and improve communication.

Salon360 is a service built from the ground up for tanning salon operators. We are familiar with the challenges and opportunities you encounter on a daily basis. We built Salon360 specifically for tanning salons and, because of that, we save you time and money.

Salon360 addresses the unique operational challenges faced by tanning salon owners who have multiple locations. Tanning salon companies with multiple locations often have complex, site-specific information that requires analysis and consolidation. This service allows tanning salon owners to react faster to trends, make timely strategic changes when necessary, and enables owners to become more profitable by reducing administrative time demands.

Additionally, Salon360 allows employees to review sales information that impacts commissions, bonuses and sales contests. The real-time information helps managers incentivize employees to achieve goals while increasing profits. The service comes with a variety of features that allow owners and managers to save time, improve operations and generate more sales.

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Real-time access to sales information
  • The ability to compare locations and personnel performance
  • Trend tracking and comparison
  • Calculations in real time for bonuses and commissions
  • Simple compatibility with popular point-of-sale products in use today

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“Salon360 has enabled our district managers and me to monitor the salons’ strengths and weaknesses and be able to set goals to create action in specific areas. Our VIP Sales have more than doubled almost every month this year – in a down economy. In addition, our Upgrades Per Tan Average companywide has increased – something we were not paying attention to previously. UPTA Pennies from customers add up!”
- Julie George Howell, Club Sun Tanning Salons

“I love the fact I can see where I am LIVE for sales projections. I never have to wonder where I am on any single parameter.”
- Christie Mendonca, The Australian Tanning Company

“Salon360 has definitely promoted great competition.”
- Laurie Gillard, Club Sun Tanning Salons