The Argo was the ship in Greek mythology that delivered Jason and his band of Argonauts rupert companyto safety in their quest for treasure. We chose this name because we view our IT solutions as the conduit for your business’s quest for wealth.

Just as Jason had to complete three specific tasks to earn his treasure, so must businesses. Tanning Salons need help achieving three tasks: save time, increase sales and reward and retain employees. Argo recognizes the impact of all three areas on profitability and has a solution for their improvement.

At Argo Networks, we believe that with the right IT solution, we can help your business vastly improve its sales and operations. We’ve witnessed this with several large and small tanning salon businesses.

The largest pain point we have seen was the inefficient and time-consuming way owners had to collect sales data individually from each site. To address this, we developed a software product called Salon360 that allows owners and managers to collect and review sales information from all their locations at once in real time.

Learn more about Salon360 and how it can improve your business’s operations.

  • Salon360 has enabled our district managers and me to monitor the salons’ strengths and weaknesses and be able to set goals to create action in specific areas. Our VIP Sales have more than doubled almost every month this year – in a down economy. In addition, our Upgrades Per Tan Average companywide has increased – something we were not paying attention to previously. UPTA Pennies from customers add up!

    J. Howell, Club Sun Tanning Salons

  • I love the fact I can see where I am live for sales projections, I never have to wonder where I am on any single parameter.

    Christie Mendonca, The Australian Tanning Company

  • laurie-gillardSalon360 has definitely promoted great competition.

    Laurie Gillard, Club Sun Tanning Salons

  • PaulHollowell-150pxAn IT resource that understands the unique needs of a tanning salon.

    Paul Hollowell, Lux Tan

  • Argo Networks helps tremendously with addressing and fixing IT issues in the salons immediately.

    Jeff Lauseng, Sun Tan City

  • I'm very happy with Argo and everyone that I have spoken with. Michelle is amazing and makes me laugh whenever I do communicate with her even in an email. Also appreciate Alice. She is right on everything that I need or have questions about.

    Jaime Hernandez, Express Tan Inc.

  • leigh-exclusivetans-150Argo Networks is very responsive and have, over the course of the past year, become more pro-active with follow up. We are happy with the service.

    Leigh Brown, Exclusive Tans

  • Argo Networks IT service has been very helpful. If it's not an easy fix, they work on it until the job is done.

    Lori Angstadt, Baja Beach Tanning Club