Dolphin Beach Tan

When you’re running a business with multiple locations, network uptime and data analysis are essential to successful operations.

Dolphin Beach Tan is a tanning salon chain with five locations in Columbus. Brandon LeBay, who has been managing the salons for 15 years, typically relied on a local IT company to manage his technology.

Even with outsourcing the IT functions, each location frequently experienced network outages that negatively impacted productivity and sales. However, that all changed when Dolphin Beach Tan partnered with Argo Networks.

Managed Services Solved Down-time Problems

“They solved our network issue, which in turn has a great impact on my day-to-day operations. I don’t even worry about my computers or my network on a daily basis. And their service – everything gets done that day. It’s one call and, in an hour, they’ll have someone remote in and have the issue resolved,” LeBay explained.

Argo Networks implemented a stable network for the Dolphin Beach Tan locations that included:

  • Transferring data to a new server at Argo Network’s datacenter.
  • VPN connections using SonicWALLs, to ensure secure traffic between the store locations and the server location.
  • Management of computers and assistance whenever issues arise.
  • Functioning as a point of contact when Internet connectivity issues occur and interfacing with the service provider when necessary.
  • Providing security protection: Argo Networks will remove viruses and malware from the computers.
  • Managing new computers, including set up of software and integration into existing systems.

Salon360 Enhances Performance

With the implementation of Argo Networks’ Salon360 service, Dolphin Beach Tan enjoyed a spike in sales across their locations ranging from five to seven percent. Salon360 takes all the pertinent data at each site and aggregates it into a manageable dashboard, which helps employees track sales and allows managers to track overall staff performance.

“It’s something that my employees can monitor daily: their sales, their store parameters that we ask them to hit…it’s all in one view on Salon360. Everything is right there and the employees absolutely love it,” LeBay said.

Custom Solutions with Text Ripple

Text Ripple is a third-party marketing service that allows businesses to push promotional messages directly to customers’ mobile phones via SMS. Dolphin Beach Tan used this service prior to working with Argo Networks, but the previous software solution presented problems.

Their previous integration synced to Text Ripple in the middle of the night, causing Dolphin Beach Text Club members to receive disruptive text messages at midnight or 1 A.M.

“I went to Alice at Argo and Hans at Text Ripple and within two weeks it was resolved. In turn, I grew my Text Club number database,” LeBay explained.

By subscribing to Argo’s Salon360 service, Dolphin Beach Tan was able to customize integration between the different systems and eliminate customer aggravation.


Managed Services


Custom Software Integration

Customer Quote

“They’re industry specific, but not only that, they’re good at what they do. They understand how a network has to be set up. They understand from Salon360 the information business owners need to run their business. They’re very accommodating, they’re on the ball.”
– Brandon L, Dolphin Beach Tan, Columbus, OH