Larry Andrews - Club Sun Tanning Salons

Larry Andrews

What have you liked best about Salon 360 for your salons?

I really like the Salon Jewel Feature, it makes the employees work as a Team. They learn each others strengths and weakness, they help each other to succeed, so the salon is a winner!

What new feature (if any) would you like to see tracked?

If Upgrades could be reflected in the ADPM. This would encourage more upgrades.

Where has Salon 360 had the most impact in your market ?

It makes the employees Responsible for their Time on the Clock! Numbers do not lie!

Which ‘item’ that Salon 360 tracks (ADPM / NMCP, MEMS/ MEMS Bonus/ Jewel Bonus, etc.) has had the most impact on your Managers and Salon staffs?

Employees like to see how much Commission and Bonus they are making. But being a an Jewel Employee, makes them try harder to stay on Top!