Brandie Harnic - District Manager Club Sun Tanning Salons


What have you liked best about Salon 360 for your salons?

I have liked that the employees can see for themselves how they are doing, what they can be doing better, and that they can see others so that has made for some friendly competition

What new feature (if any) would you like to see tracked?

I think everything has been addressed.

Where has Salon 360 had the most impact in your market ?

In all ways. Especially with VIPs and how much they are paid and when they meet their bonus VIP commissions. I feel they really like to see how much money they are earning.

Which ‘item’ that Salon 360 tracks (ADPM / NMCP, MEMS/ MEMS Bonus/ Jewel Bonus, etc.) has had the most impact on your Managers and Salon staffs?

Jewel bonus. NMCP is very disheartening. I have heard all of my employees and even myself find this very negative.