Christie Mendonca - The Australian Tanning Company

These are just a couple of things I love:

  • The fact I can see where I am live for sales projections, I never have to wonder where I am on any single parameter.
  • I love giving my staff a tailored view that fits JUST our company and was made for us by Argo. I didn't get the standard cookie cutter option. Argo tailored it just for us. This means that my staff are WAY more interested in looking at it and compete to bring up their sales stats and do better.
  • Getting a text on my phone when my store doesn't open.
  • Beside Salon 360 working with Argo in general on Salon 360...any suggestion I have or something I want added they get right on trying to improve it. Most companies take months to bring out something new and exciting, Argo takes weeks, (if that) to implement new great ideas.