Laurie Gillard - District Manager Club Sun Tanning Salons

Laurie Gillard Distric Manager Club Sun Tanning Salons

What have you liked best about Salon 360 for your salons?
It has enabled them to become more polished and well rounded in all areas of Salon 360. On a daily basis they are able to focus on any area that they are weak in.

What new feature (if any) would you like to see tracked?

Where has Salon 360 had the most impact in your market ?
Vips and being able to keep track of them. It has definitely promoted great competition.

Which ‘item’ that Salon 360 tracks (ADPM / NMCP, MEMS/ MEMS Bonus/ Jewel Bonus, etc.) has had the most impact on your Managers and Salon staffs?
I would have to say that all areas of Salon 360 has had the most impact on each Manager and staff members. It has allowed them to become even better than they already were:-0